Beverly will fill police vacancy

BEVERLY -The Village of Beverly will once again be searching for a police officer, as Officer Andrew Schaad will be leaving his post to relocate to Parkersburg.

At Wednesday’s Beverly Council meeting, the council approved putting ads out for a full-time police officer to replace the post Schaad will be vacating.

“We’ve got a little bit of time to make a determination,” said Beverly Police Chief Mark Sams.

Schaad will be leaving around April 20 to take up a post with the Parkersburg Police Department.

Sams said two part-time officers are still in training and he was unsure if they would want a full-time position with the police force.

“Both of them have other employment,” he said, but added the transition into full-time could be “open for discussion.”

The Beverly police force is made up of the chief, two full-time officers and three part-time officers.

In other business, council member James Ullman submitted a list of streets to be paved this year, per council’s approval. Council approved moving forward with the first set of proposed streets for repaving, at an estimate of $49,926.

Streets included on the list, with length, are:

– Applegate Street between Pinecrest and village limits, 451 feet.

– McIntosh Street between Fifth and Fourth streets, 286 feet.

– McIntosh Street between Fourth and Third streets, 278 feet.

– Ohio Street between Fifth and Fourth streets, 384 feet.

– Ohio Street between Fourth and Third streets, 270 feet.

– Center Street, at the south end of the pavement, 185 feet.

– Third Street between Ohio and Ferry streets 367 feet.

– Ferry Street from Third to Second streets, 279 feet.

Ohio Street between Fourth and Third streets, Center Street and Ferry Street are listed as being in poor condition, while the others are fair and good.

Councilman Jay Arnold said the list of streets could possibly grow before repaving begins.

“With winter as it has been, we may end up in a situation where other streets may need crack-filled or repaved,” he said.

Ullman said phase two of the project would involve sealing cracks in the roads where total repaving was unnecessary. A full list of those is to be determined.

For other projects, Richard Waugh, funding specialist for ADR & Associates, encouraged the village to always be thinking about future projects for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. He said applications for the grants are due in April and up to four projects could be awarded by county commissioners.

“We’ve been really fortunate,” Waugh said. “We’ve gotten two in the last year.”

Waugh said cost estimates for any projects are needed as soon as possible and that the village shouldn’t ask for more than 25 percent of the total, which would be from $30,000 to $40,000. He said the estimates shouldn’t be too low either.

“I’d rather it be $40,000 and the bid comes in at $30,000 than $30,000 and the bid comes in at $40,000,” he said.