Urge Frontier board to close Lawrence School

The article, “No decision on Frontier school,” leads me to ask our board members and communities, “why not?”

Common sense, the numbers are there – 40 students or less at Lawrence, 180 students at Newport, and 120 students at New Matamoras. Why would the school board not vote to close the smaller, very old school with the least number of students? Lawrence is also in a high water area. Newport and New Matamoras are new schools.

The money being used to keep Lawrence open could be used more wisely to benefit the entire student population. The board is elected to do what is best for the entire district, not just Lawrence. Levies will not be passed when the community feels money is being wasted to save a very old school with a very small number of students. There is room for these students at the other two schools. Yes, change is difficult and I have never favored consolidation but the numbers are there and we must do what is best to keep our district operating.

I would like to encourage everyone to call their board members and ask them to do what’s best for the entire district. Vote to close Lawrence, then take a small levy to voters. Many have lost jobs, the elderly are on fixed income and the economy is slow. We cannot afford a large levy to maintain three schools. Our board members are Justin Hoff, Kurt Bohlen, Todd Collins, Rick Kroll and Gale Depuy.

Sharon Hurst