Lawsuits from C8 case keep coming in

PARKERSBURG – Another 67 lawsuits were filed in Wood County Circuit Court Friday against DuPont by individuals claiming personal injury from the exposure to C8, a chemical the company used to manufacture Teflon.

Earlier in the week 137 cases were filed in circuit court against the company by attorney Harry Deitzler. He has stated 800 more cases will be filed over the next week.

In the suits they allege DuPont with negligence; concealment, misrepresentation and fraud; strict liability and defective product, failure to warn and conspiracy; unfair and deceptive practices, negligence per se and prima facie negligence; past and continuing trespass and battery; negligent, intentional and reckless infliction of emotional distress and outrage and punitive damages.

Most of those filing Friday were claiming they suffer from conditions the science panel said were found to have probable link to C8 exposure. Those conditions are pregnancy-induced hypertension, preeclampsia, testicular cancer, kidney cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease and medically diagnosed high cholesterol.

In an email statement issued by DuPont Friday, the company stated it will defend against the cases.

“Some years ago, DuPont, with more than 2,000 local employees working at our Washington Works Plant, was sued. Working together with local residents and attorneys, DuPont funded a comprehensive medical study to determine any probable links between the operation of our Washington Works facility and possible health issues. We also committed to fund a medical monitoring program for local residents,” the release states.

“Plaintiff attorneys have actively advertised for clients to sue the company for specific health issues in personal injury lawsuits. Cases have been filed and more were filed Thursday,” the DuPont release states.

“Lawsuits such as these ignore family history, lifestyle choices and other causes of health issues and disease in specific individuals. DuPont will vigorously defend against any and all such lawsuits not based upon valid science,” the company said.

Those filing Friday were Rue Ann Hoff, Sharon A. Smith, Cassidy Rae Barcley, Susanna Eve Martin, Eugene McDonald Whitehead, Pamela Jean Sadler, Timothy E. Smith, Kenton Hull Wamsley, Donna Carlene Stringer, Linda Subat, Robert L. Weatherholt, Susan Balsley, Betty S. Perdue, Shane T. Carpenter, Billy Ray Yearego, Christopher Andrew Towner, Carrie Dawn Null, Larry Gale Richards, James W. Swesey, Vicki E. Sprague, Joyce A. Moore, Robert Jeffrey Gilchrist, Ginger Lee Smith, Christine M. Lee, Charles F. Prunty Sr., Joshua Phillip Arnold, Barbara Sue Prunty, Judith A. Smith, Donna Starcher, David M. Butcher, Dolores Ann Gessel, Lois Jane Boise, Charles Robert Wilson, Anita Dawn Miller, Ronald Lee Wilson, Dolores E. Kemp, Stephanie A. Waldron, Timothy Wesley Miller, Patricia Dale Pugh, David E. Redinger, Marty Jay Nonamaker, Paul Franklin Newbanks Sr.,Orlena Scott, Barbara L. Kiger, Ruth Ann Rexroad, Betsy Ehret, Ernest E. Waggoner, Richard K. Walters, Luther Ehret Jr., Lisa Ann Coppick, Maria Massari, Ralph Lee Pugh, Elisabeth Brinkmann, Thomas O. Stone, Hazel L. Swisher, Randall Alan Tucker, Sherry Darlene Tullius, Edra M. Smith, Ellen Loretta Wagoner, Freddie A. Marks, Victor Edward McCloud, Roger Dale Gessel, Vickie L. Barcley, Kammette D. Spatz, Lois Lee Nulter, Pamela Kay Jones and Steven Amick.