Marietta community lucky to have St. Mary School

As a former teacher at St. Mary School, and a member of the school advisory council, let me emphasize that we are not closing our school. It was a privilege for me to teach at St. Mary’s from 2000-2013. The school is ably and professionally led by a dedicated educator, Rita Angel, and our pastor, Msgr. Campbell. During my years as a public school teacher, I could remind my students that they were allowed to pray silently for help. At St. Mary’s, we openly pray and acknowledge our God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we welcome the assistance of Mary and the saints.

I am proud of my years at Marietta High School. Many outstanding students, teachers, and administrators have built a strong school system. My final years in teaching were spent at St. Mary’s and were truly enjoyable because of the involvement and support of parents and parishioners. But most of all, the curriculum allowed us to use a classic piece of literature called the Bible.

Many students from St. Mary’s have gone on to highly rated universities and are embarking on exciting careers. But regardless of academic prowess, all students are taught to be life-long learners and they are placed in situations where serving others is required. They are taught to be a credit to their faith, family, and country. The city of Marietta is fortunate to have St. Mary School. I am proud to say that I was a member of the staff and I continue to be in awe of the professional, dedicated, and caring staff and the wonderful job they do.

James Hartlage