Clearing of cemetery unfair to loved ones

It’s spring! How do I know, because the cemetery stripped everything off of the graves again this year. I can understand it if the arrangements are outdated holiday or if they interfere with mowing, but when they are new, off the ground on the stone what is the reason? Even the beautiful lights that glow after dark making a light show all gone.

I have always been under the impression that when you purchased your plot and stone it was your property. Is it not against the law to vandalize a cemetery? Are you not arrested for stealing things off a tomb stone? As I was visiting my mother I did notice a few flowers left on, I wonder why they were still there? Not because they were all new spring flowers, half were still old and last holiday. Sadly I looked around and the word that came to mind was rape. This beautiful and interesting cemetery had been raped.

Carol Pabst