Club news

Marietta Reading

The Marietta Reading Club met at the Betsey Mills Club on March 18. Hosts for the evening were Jim and Michelle Jeitler. Officers elected to serve next year are Mark Neyman, president, Ann Bragg, vice president, Mark Miller, secretary, and Jim Huggins, treasurer. Chris Bennon was elected to serve on the club’s executive committee. The title of the program for the evening was “Dreaming in Color.” Readings focused on the color photography of Ansel Adams. Readers were Judy Segall and Jim Hoy. The critic was Ed Osborne who showed slides of Adams’ photography from the recently released book entitled Ansel Adams in Color. This was the final meeting of the club’s 150th year. Meetings will resume in October.

Belpre Garden

Gretta Bayne was hostess to the Belpre Garden Club at her home on March 10. The guest speaker was Joan Fontaine, master gardener. She is interested in teaching children and has had gardening experience all over the United States. She touched on many subjects upon which a program could be based. The problem with the diminishing bee population affects all of us; container gardening is becoming popular and it must be determined if the container is safe for growing food if it is to be used for this purpose: edible flowers are making a comeback. In constructing flower arrangements no leaf should be below the water line and the water should be changed frequently. It is helpful to keep a garden journal and to have soil tested to see if additives are necessary. Joan followed her outline with an active question and answer period in which the guests took part.

The club prayer was read by Leslie Pittenger. Martha Clark gave the roll call which was answered by naming a favorite gardening tool. The club agreed to sponsor a hanging flower basket at Civitan Park as part of the Belpre in Bloom project. The color of choice for Belpre in Bloom this year is pink. Pittenger recently volunteered as an America in Bloom representative at the Philadelphia flower show titled “Articulture”.

Janet Robinson was the recipient of the hostess gift. Martha Clark will be hostess to the next meeting, April 14.