Time to deliver a message to our representatives

I have to ask, why?

Why, after over a year, has no one been held accountable for the Benghazi attacks? Doesn’t the loss of four Americans warrant action other than “what difference does it make?”

Why has no one been held accountable for the Fast and Furious debacle? The U.S. Justice Department (Eric Holder) has refused to answer subpoenas or provide any answers to the Congressional Committees.

Why do we have almost double the amount of recipients on welfare now than five years ago? If the economy has improved as greatly as touted by O’Bummer, why are there so many jobless Americans?

Why has no one been fired or held accountable for the IRS scandals? According to the “O”guy “not one smidgen of evidence of wrongful acts exists” – so why would anyone have to invoke their 5th Amendment rights if nothing is wrong? Why is that person allowed to enjoy a sizable retirement check each month at the expense of taxpayers?

Why has no one been fired or held accountable for NSA infringement of U.S. citizens? Why were American citizens (i.e. reporters) targeted, if not to discourage freedom of the press – 1st Amendment rights?

Why are innocent gun owners forced to submit to unreasonable laws and still allow the criminals to enjoy protection due to groups like the ACLU, etc.?

Why has the American public allowed the U.S. Constitution be trampled into the ground and circumvented by a president that seems unwilling to compromise on anything that does not fit his agenda?

This is only a minute list of questions the voters need to ask and demand answers to prior to entering a voting booth this year. It is time to tell our career representatives we will no longer tolerate business as usual. Either do what they were elected to do or get a real job (if they can find one). The definition of stupidity is repeating an act and expecting different results-such as electing the same people time after time.

Thank you for your time.

Wayne Venham