Of course, Marietta is one of the best places to visit

It comes as no surprise to anyone living here that Marietta is one of the best places to visit. Many of us visited here first, then decided to call Marietta home.

Now, Smithsonian Magazine has spread the word about our town by putting Marietta on the list of “The 20 Best Small Towns to Visit in 2014.”

To be precise, Marietta is 6th on the list. That puts us in pretty good company with the likes of already famous towns of Chautauqua, N.Y., Williamsburg, Va., Steamboat Springs, Colo., and Sedona, Ariz.

Among the criteria used by Smithsonian Magazine were a population under 15,000 and cultural assets such as museums, theaters and festivals as well as historic value. Marietta qualifies on all levels with Campus Martius, River museums, Mid-Ohio Valley Players the Esbenshade Series and the Evergreen Series festivals galore headed by, but certainly not limited to, the Sternwheel Festival.

We hope, like local tourism officials, that the notoriety from the magazine article draws even more people to visit Ohio’s first city. More visitors can only help our local economy and spread the word about Marietta to a wider pool of potential tourists in the future.

Oh, and in case anyone is compiling a similar list about the best small towns to call home we’d like to nominate Marietta. It’s at the top of our list.