Marietta’s residents should be free of tyranny

The city of Marietta’s existing property maintenance laws are highly effective. In the past two years the complaints are through the roof. According to the city health department there have been approximately 180 total complaints per year for the past two years and almost half of them have been made by your elected city council member Roger Kalter. In 2013, he filed 73 complaints on us citizens and property owners and in 2012 he filed 95 complaints! On March 6, he filed nine complaints alone! Nine complaints in one day against you the people who elected him. He talks about intimidation of others that are against his ideas but this has to be one of the worst abuses of power and intimidation that I can think of. This is a one man Tammany Hall at its finest. He says the existing laws don’t work but boy he sure knows how to use them to harass us. The existing laws do work and he knows it or he wouldn’t be filing all of these complaints against us. If you see something that is a safety problem call the city health department and let them know. It will get fixed, they are effective and efficient.

He claims that the window that fell out of 217 Second St. was cleaned up by the city and that us taxpayers paid for it. He is right that we paid for it initially, but the safety-service director then invoiced the property owner for the cost the city incurred. In the end, we didn’t pay for the cleanup, and we don’t when something like this happens. We don’t need an additional paid inspector going around harassing people when we have one that does a great job of it for free! How is this getting us closer to harmony and world peace and equal justice for all. Is our city more desirable to newcomers? Are we prettier and safer for it? Hardly not. His words are divisive, caustic and go against the very grain of what our great nation is founded on. Liberty and freedom from tyranny. At the recent council meeting, he lauds about the 48 cold frames he made out of old recycled windows that were from the late 1800s and early 190os. According to the EPA, old windows contain lead paint and asbestos in the glazing. Maybe it will make the carrots grow better. The old glass is very fragile and a safety hazard for children or anyone who might fall into them and several gardening sites recommend not using them. Cold frames are wonderful to have, but plastic covers are safer and healthier.

It is nothing but a double standard, the irony of ironies. If he is in charge of something unsafe then it is for the greater good of us all. But if you have a shutter on your house that is loose, watch out!

Bryan Waller