Strickland a good fit for new job

Ted Strickland is not an individual who likes to sit idle. The Lucasville native has scripted an impressive career, much of which is steeped in the political realm.

Strickland’s most recent, and possibly, final political stop was that as Ohio governor. He lost his re-election bid to current Gov. John Kasich.

Despite that election defeat, Strickland remains in high regard in political circles. Moreover, his reputation as a man of character is unquestioned.

Strickland’s body of work has landed him a new challenge. He will become president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund on April 1.

In that role, he will promote liberal causes in his home state and across the country as the new head of the Washington think tank’s advocacy arm. Strickland appears an ideal fit for the position.

His new post will include blogging, fundraising and traveling around the country talking about causes such as minimum-wage increases, immigration reform, pay equity, workers’ rights, abortion rights and gay marriage.

Strickland owns a divinity degree. That educational background will be well served as he promotes “policies that are good for average working families.”

Strickland will be impacting a large audience. He will oversee a website that sees more than 6 million hits a month, fueled by a $7 million budget. Moreover, he will direct a research-drive “war-room.”

“It will give me the opportunity outside of elective office to work on the things I care about and to be in some ways even more effective than I was able to be as an officeholder,” Strickland said.

Strickland’s success as a governor can be debated. However, his character and compassion are above reproach. He is well-suited to capably lead the Center for American Progress Action Fund.