Morgan Co. man charged in mother’s death

A Morgan County man was arrested Thursday night and indicted Friday for allegedly killing his mother, hitting her over the head with a frying pan and choking her to death.

Jacob Michael Harrod, 22, then reportedly wrapped the body of 46-year-old Lisa Kangas in a blanket and dumped the body in the Muskingum River, which runs directly behind Kangas’ residence at 6305 N. State Route 60, McConnelsville in Bloom Township.

The crime likely occurred on Tuesday but was not reported until Thursday night when Harrod admitted to one of his mother’s friends that he had killed her, said Morgan County Prosecutor Mark Howdyshell.

“Yesterday afternoon they got a 911 call from Brenda Boone. She was at Lisa’s house with Jacob and he had admitted to killing his mom,” said Howdyshell.

Howdyshell said it did not appear as if a major domestic fight had precipitated the killing.

“There wasn’t any sort of big domestic blowup. It wasn’t anything that should have led to physical violence,” he said.

Though a local news outlet reported Friday that Kangas had been fatally shot, no gun was involved, added Howdyshell.

In the 911 call, Harrod talks to a dispatcher and tells him he was in a car wreck two weeks before, after which he “started having bad headaches, started hearing voices.”

The voices in Harrod’s head told him to kill his mother, he said in the 911 call.

Harrod told the sheriff’s office he had cleaned the blood with paper towels and discarded the frying pan. Then he put the body in the river, he said.

During the execution of a search warrant Friday night, the frying pan was recovered in the trash as were several bloody articles which will be submitted for DNA testing.

Kangas’ body was recovered from the river shortly after 8 a.m. Friday.

Because evidence was sufficient, Howdyshell convened an unscheduled Morgan County Grand Jury Friday afternoon.

The grand jury indicted Harrod of murder, an unscheduled felony which carries a life sentence with parole eligibility after 15 years.

Harrod was also indicted on a third-degree felony count of tampering with evidence and a fifth-degree felony count of abuse of a corpse, charges which carry three-and one-year prison maximums respectively.

Harrod’s bond was set at $750,000 and Zanesville attorney Peter N. Cultice was appointed as defense, said Howdyshell.