Ohio House candidate wants to fill watchdog role

Charlie Daniels has announced his candidacy for Ohio’s 95th district House seat. The district includes the western part of Belmont County, all of Harrison, Carroll and Noble, and most of Washington County.

Daniels was raised in southern Belmont County and is a longtime resident of St. Clairsville. After graduating High School he worked for North American Coal Corporation, then attended Muskingum College majoring in business economics and minoring in geology, he then served honorably in the U.S. Navy at several duty stations including Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center and aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN69 in the Atlantic Fleet. He brings diverse business experience, 17 years in public service experience and currently is working in the oil and gas industry for Genesee & Wyoming at the UEO Midstream plant in Scio, Ohio.

Daniels the People before Politics working class candidate said he has been frustrated for years with Washington political policies that have eliminated our manufacturing base and nearly destroyed our economy. “We have to stop the division practice of putting political parties ahead of our families, neighbors and our economy and start paying attention to what the people we have elected are actually doing. They are masters at inflaming people with social issues so we’ll disregard facts, reason and clear evidence that we have been robbed blind by the people we have elected.”

Daniels says, “Over the last three years Ohio’s majority party politicians have majorly expanded what we pay taxes on. They implemented a plan that not only recently raised Ohio’s sales tax but will continue raising our consumption tax several times over. They claimed to have balanced the budget while in reality they massively increased state spending from $50.7 billion to an estimated $61.5 billion, (a record spending increase). Our tax revenues have been shifted away from priorities like school funding, public safety, transportation systems, etc.; to special interest spending and lobbyist handouts, forcing additional tax increases through levies. They even severely cut funding to special needs children in Ohio’s education system. They wasted $2.5 billion budgeted to a complete economic failure called JobsOhio that has spent more money on JobsOhio management salaries and special benefits than in actual economic development. They refused to even show up for the fight to save over 1,000 local jobs at Ormet Aluminum plant and pushed anti middle class job and wage killing bills like Senate Bill 5 and privatization and have openly stated they will support wage killing right to work legislation when it goes through the statehouse. This leadership has lead Ohio’s economy all the way down, ending 2013 at 46th out of the 50 states in job creation. And now in the first three months of 2014 they’ve caused us to drop even further with Ohio coming in at 47th. My opponent Andy Thompson has not only voted and supported all that I have mentioned, but he even co-sponsored these bills, knowingly voting against the will of the people that he was elected to represent.”

Daniels says, “I am not the typical candidate from a politically connected family. I am a working class candidate from a long family line of coal miners and mill workers. I know what’s at stake for Ohio families. When you look at what is on the line for our children and grandchildren’s future it is far too important to not take action and stand up for the local people, Ohio and our economy.” Daniels says he knows he is the underdog in this race. “In the 2012 election the first I ran for a political office, Andy Thompson’s special interest supporters spent more per week in negative, dishonest ads than we spent the entire campaign.”

“We need leadership that cares about local people and our families,” he says. “It shouldn’t be about self-serving special interest politicians. It should be about helping Ohio’s people by limiting spending to ease the heavy tax burdens the working and middle class face today. We need to work at protecting our jobs, families, and carefully accounting for every dollar that is spent in Ohio’s budget so we can properly build and maintain the necessary infrastructure, transportation and education systems to attract investment and businesses, and thrive in a competitive global economy. Implement an actual business plan that uses our natural resources to bring in manufacturing that utilizes our local energy for low cost production. I would be honored to be our watchdog and voice in the next Ohio General Assembly.”

Charlie Daniels is running for state representative in Ohio’s 95th District. He lives in St. Clairsville.