New Noah movie misrepresents the truth

My wife and I were excited to hear that a movie was coming out about Noah. As a result, the first day the movie was released we went to see it! Expecting to see God’s word come to life we experienced the opposite. The movie was shameful and did not represent the word of God at all. It seemed like something between the Twilight Zone and the Transformers. Fallen angels became giant rock creatures which helped Noah build the ark and defend it from attack. The story line injected a non-biblical story and complete lies about the story of Noah; even to the point that Noah was told by God to kill his granddaughters. There were no children born on the ark and God never told Noah to kill children. The movie goes on to add characters to the story that never existed in the true story about Noah’s life.

How many will be misled and turn away from God’s true word because of this movie. I know if I didn’t know what the Bible was about and seen this movie I would just laugh and walk away. This movie is a total misrepresentation of God’s word concerning the life of Noah. Do not support this movie and tell others that it is not true to the word of God.

In an interview the people who wrote the movie were asked if it was true to the story of Noah and the Ark. They said it was as close to the truth as they could create. This was false; in fact it was as far away from the truth as one can create. God will deal with them at his appointed time. It is my responsibility as a follower of Jesus Christ to warn you. Do not let your children or anyone else go and see this movie. I must say the actors who were in the movie did well but everything else was insulting to me and the God I serve. Remember Satan can change his appearance into what seems like an angel of light but he is still Satan and there is no life within him. May God guide you in your decision in whether or not to support this movie. You can check the reviews of this movie on line at a theater near you also.

God bless.

The Rev. Glenn Woody Pryor