Ohioans should back Secretary of State Husted

Recently, the Rev. Al Sharpton visited Cincinnati to speak at a benefit that would kick off a voting rights drive here in the state of Ohio. Some of the guests in attendance were: State Senator and Secretary of State challenger Nina Turner, and ex-voter fraud convict Melowese Richardson? Yes, you read that right. Melowese Richardson, who was released early on a five-year felony sentence for voter fraud, spoke on behalf of our state’s failed voting laws. How can we possibly even continue to consider Nina Turner as a viable candidate for Secretary of State if she publicly endorses criminals such as Melowese Richardson? Jon Husted, whose goal is to work toward “making it easier to vote, but harder to cheat,” is being demonized for his policies that are working to stop criminals such as Richardson. Here are some of the accomplishments of Secretary of State Jon Husted:

Since his first day in office, 270,000 deceased voters have been removed from the voter rolls.

Husted established a partnership with BMV to find non-citizens on the voter rolls.

Jon Husted launched a program to help Ohio service members vote no matter where they are in the world.

We as Ohioans have an obligation to continue Secretary of State Husted’s mission, and to fight for his re-election so he can continue to serve and preserve our voting rights that allow us to bask in the greatness of democracy.

Aaron Dauterman

Athens County campaign

chairman for the Husted for Ohio campaign