Make sure Ohioans are notified tax refunds are coming

After a scandal erupted last year when it was learned some Ohioans who had overpaid taxes were not told they were due refunds, state officials insisted they would keep that from happening again.

But legislators, apparently having heard too many similar promises from the bureaucracy, have decided to make it official.

A bill approved in the state House of Representatives would require the state to notify those who have overpaid taxes. It also could streamline the process of providing refunds or credit toward future taxes.

Current Ohio law does not require that taxpayers be notified in overpayment situations. Presumably, legislators in the past have assumed tax officials would do that simply because it is the right thing.

And, again, tax officials say they will keep the problem from happening in the future.

Still, there’s nothing like writing it into the statute books.

State senators should approve the House bill and forward it to Gov. John Kasich for his signature. Buckeye State residents and businesses should not have to rely on the kind-heartedness of tax officials to get them refunds.