Wellness challenge will improve health

The 2014 Spring Wellness Challenge is a free, six-week online email challenge designed to help participants improve their health by encouraging physical activity, enjoying healthy foods, and practicing sound fitness suggestions. Those who sign up will receive two weekly e-communications from Ohio State University Extension containing research based nutrition, health and fitness information. Additional tracking logs will be available for download to help participants document their progress. A pre- and post-assessment online survey will be used to gather comments to improve future challenges and track members’ progress. All collected data will be kept confidential.

Participants will learn about adding more vegetables and fruits to their diet, finding more ways to move, trying new recipes, visiting local food outlets, planting an herb/vegetable/fruit in a container or plot garden, seasoning with herbs instead of salt, and wearing sun protection every day.

To join the online challenge, follow this link to sign up online: go.osu.edu/SpWash You’ll be enrolled and begin receiving e-communications starting early April. The Challenge lasts from April 7 to May 18, 2014. For questions, contact your OSU Extension Educator in Washington County, Kathryn K Dodrill at dodrill.10@osu.edu or call (740) 376-7431.