Support for Armory Square is appreciated

What great news that the Smithsonian Magazine has chosen Marietta as one of its 20 best small towns. In fact Marietta is No. 6. We at Armory Square Inc. are working with Marietta City Council, WASCO, Washington County Veterans Service, Peoples Colony Theater, Mainstreet Marietta and the CVB, and are well on our way to beginning Phase 3 of the armory renovation and the occupancy of the ground level. Armory Square Inc. has raised the $63,099 match for the ODOT scenic byways grant of 252,000 for a total of $316,000 and $24,000 available toward the city council chambers which brings us to around $340,000. We are ready to move forward in order to provide public services and a welcome center right in the heart of historic downtown Marietta.

No. 1: Our goal is occupancy of the ground floor as a fully functioning resource for the community, independent of the rest of the structure.

No. 2: The ground floor will contain: a bus stop and waiting room, ADA compliant restrooms, a tourist and educational welcome center, satellite office for veterans, the habilitation room for WASCO and Marietta City Council chambers as well as a number of possible other tenants.

No. 3: We do have a business plan and have had one for quite some time. It has been updated with the help of Peoples Bank just recently.

No. 4: Our objective is to create an anchor establishment that will attract economic activities to historic downtown Marietta. This use of the ground floor can be of service for many years into the future and provide a jumping off place for the development of the rest of this structure and others in historic downtown Marietta.

Armory Square Inc. is a public, charitable, educational organization. We obtained our 501(c) 3 status in 2012. The board is a working board that has no paid staff, office or other operating expenses. All contributions are tax deductible and go to provide space for the various charitable organizations located on the ground floor of the armory. This includes various income generators to support them. We have an account at the Marietta Community Foundation.

The Board of Armory Square Inc. would like to thank the individuals who continue to support this project through monetary donations and volunteer work. We would like to thank Richard Stafford, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Peoples Bank and Robert Murray, CPA, vice president, Business Banking Credit Officer, Peoples Bank, for their generous donation of time and effort in the preparation of the update of our business plan and Peoples Bank for allowing its staff the time to help us and paying the cost of printing.

We believe that our strategy of starting on the ground floor with basic but necessary human services, accessible to all in the most equitable way possible, provides a strong and inclusive beginning for the occupancy of the armory as a welcome center and viable public space (as it has been for the past century) for the Marietta community, all of its friends, visitors, and benefactors.

Jane Tumas-serna