Home health aide sentenced

A home health aide who stole money from the man she cared for was sentenced to 31 days in the Washington County Jail and one year of community control Friday morning

Sherry L. Hagar, of 717 Cisler Drive, Marietta declined to make a statement during sentencing in Judge Randall Burnworth’s court and was given credit for one day served in jail.

She was indicted on two fifth-degree felony counts of theft from an elderly person on Dec. 18.

Hagar was working as a home health aide when she was accused of stealing money from the man for whom she cares on two different occasions. Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Amy Graham said the two counts were for stealing a change jar and his wallet.

“(The victim) had a jar full of change and she took the jar,” said Graham. “(She was also accused) of taking a wallet that had cash, but she only pled to the theft of the jar.”

The count of stealing the wallet was dropped, Graham said.

Hagar pleaded guilty to stealing the change jar on Feb. 18.

Graham said Hagar had started paying restitution before being formally charged.

“She did pay back some of the money prior to being charged,” she said. “The total was only a small amount; a little over $50, give or take.”

Hagar has one year to make complete restitution to the victim.

Graham said Hagar’s thefts warranted a fifth-degree felony for one reason.

“The only reason it’s a felony is because (she stole from) an elderly person,” Graham said. “Otherwise it would have been a misdemeanor theft. Theft is a misdemeanor unless it’s over $1,000, or it involves cars, credit cards or the elderly; that enhances the penalty.”