Hair Hoopla: Raising cancer awareness

Helping those suffering from cancer is about to become a little easier. On May 2, local residents can donate some of their hair for Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths at a Marietta school.

The event, Hair Hoopla, will be held at Washington Elementary School from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. It is being coordinated by the Washington Elementary School’s Relay for Life team, Woven Hearts, and Building Bridges to Careers (BBC).

Tasha Werry, director of community outreach for BBC, said pledge forms for donating hair are currently being accepted.

“Forms can be found at the salons that are participating or at Washington Elementary School,” she said. “In fact, we want (people) to pledge in advance. They can go right now to the listed salons; they all have pledge forms that can be completed.”

Werry said though people can just show up at the event, a pledge card is important for the women who are donating hair.

“The pledge form is so that someone interested in cutting off their hair to donate it can get it styled,” she said. “I have an appointment with a hair stylist after the event…Several salons are holding slots (for participants).”

The list of salons includes: Sheila’s, Jenna’s, Great Clips, Melanie’s Design Specialists, The Connection Day Spa and the WCCC Adult Technical Training Cosmetology program.

Men can get in on the hair cutting action by either cutting their hair or shaving their heads, mustaches or beards to show support for those battling cancer.

Werry said the event will start in a school assembly at 2:30 p.m. that day.

“Four teachers are getting their hair cut,” she said.

Woven Hearts member Sally Latture said Principal Scott Kratche is also shaving his beard for the event.

There are a few restrictions for donating hair.

“Locks of Love requires 10 inches longest layer minimum and hair can be colored but not bleached,” Latture said. “For Pantene Beautiful Lengths, there’s an eight inch longest layer minimum and hair cannot be colored or bleached.”

In addition to bringing awareness to cancer, Latture said there is another important idea behind the event.

“One of the things is to highlight the career of cosmetology and how it can help those who have cancer,” she said. “(Cosmetologists) often give makeup tips and provide wigs for women who may have cancer.”

Werry said the event will feature live entertainment, snacks and a silent auction of gift baskets.

She added that there will be a handful of cancer survivors who will speak about their stories.

“It’s a night of entertainment and camaraderie,” she said.

Latture added that the importance of the event should be a draw for many.

“Everyone knows someone who’s had cancer,” she said. “It’s the disease that doesn’t discriminate at all.”