Excellent level of care for surgical patient

I am writing this editorial regarding Marietta Memorial Health System, and my most recent experience as a surgical patient. Our health insurance plan allows for freedom of flexibility regarding facilities of choice, thus I was not limited to this given area.

Upon careful review, Marietta Memorial Health System provided the opportunity to have robotic surgery under the direction of Dr. Rajendra Bhati close to home. Robotic surgery allows enhanced precision of the operative site as well as reduced trauma to the patient in a cost effective manner.

Marietta Memorial Health System was awarded accreditation from an independent recognized organization (HFAP) for quality and safety standards. Visionary leadership has allowed Marietta Memorial Health System to implement practice trends against benchmarks to support best practices. Roles are being blended and redefined as health care providers are challenged to conform to guidelines directed by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Quality patient care equates to cost effective care, and Marietta Memorial Health System appear to be implementing these mandates with the patient at the core of their value system. The monetary contribution by Dr. Rajendra Bhati and Dr. Srini Vasan dedicated to the Radiation Medicine and Radiosurgery Institute further demonstrates physician commitment to the community.

I would be remiss if I did not extend my thanks to the surgical team, recovery room nurses, as well as staff members on the Special Care Unit and Third floor for exemplary care. The nurses, support staff as well as WSCC students allowed for a successful surgical outcome and speedy recovery. I would be remiss if I did not extend thanks to Mrs. Bobbie Howard, vice president of patient care for the personal attention provided to my wife, Lynn, prior to and during my hospital experience. Job well done!

Lynn Ferguson

David Ferguson, safety-service director

City of Belpre