‘Noah’ film isn’t worth the popcorn

Cal Thomas, in a recent Viewpoint column, reported on the film “Noah.” In his not so successful attempt to condone the absurdity of this film, he stated that the Christian community should be cheering, not nitpicking over the making of this movie. To say that we, as believers, should be happy that the film industry has finally gotten the Christians’ attention is utterly ridiculous! What the real Christian community wants is truth in the portrayal of the Bible, not some cobbled-up, atheistic presentation of God’s Word!

Stating that the biblical details addressing Noah and the global flood aren’t enough to sustain the drama of a full-length film is proof positive of the lack of biblical knowledge possessed by those behind the production of “Noah.” Without question, adding weird, fictitious rock-like creatures makes for great drama and tension, as does one of Noah’s son’s being bent on killing his father. To further ramp up the ugliness and ungodliness of this film, Noah is presented as an angry man who considers murdering an infant, rather than being a preacher of righteousness (Hebrews 11). Of course, Hollywood is looking for money makers, not the truth. Had, however, the film makers followed the true biblical transcript (Genesis 6-9), a gut-wrenching, dramatic truth would have been produced. A truth denied by far too many; the truth of everlasting punishment!

Certainly, show the ark floating amid the masses perishing in the ever rising waters. Pan in on the terrified faces of those gasping for air, but follow their “death” journey and picture the unbelieving, dying masses as they enter the heat of Hell! Expose the screaming, and trashing about in their eternal abode amidst the hot flames due to their continual denial of God! (Revelation 21:8/Matthew 13:50)

Some critics claim there is an environmental message within this movie. It really doesn’t matter since the film itself is 99.9 percent fiction! What does matter is the real message of the real account of Noah. Hollywood, if you want to really grab the Christian community, then be forthcoming with the truth, the whole truth, when dealing with the Bible! The biblical account of Noah isn’t just about a tale of exploding waters or a monstrous ark floating about, loaded with eight people and animals. It’s about godly obedience and the dire consequences facing those who continually reject God! It’s a warning of the worldly conditions of the last days. (Luke 17/I Peter 3) “… God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” (Genesis 6:5)

Please, don’t be deceived, be forewarned! Hollywood’s version of Noah and the flood is a figment of a writer’s imagination; a vast distortion of truth. To allege Hollywood is opening its eyes to Christian thinking is ludicrous! What’s next? “Jonah,” a movie whose theme is Jonah training “whales” in the Tigris River on the eastern banks of Nineveh as part of his ministry? The movie “Noah” is no less preposterous!

“Noah” is mere rot, not worthy of one kernel of popcorn!

Nancy Hamilton