Children’s consignment sale returns to fairgrounds

Much like the children it helps outfit, the areas largest children’s consignment sale just won’t stop growing.

Now in its 10th sale, My Mommy Mart attracted a sizable crowd on Friday, the first day its spring sale opened to the public.

Among the racks of clothes in the Washington County junior fair building, 2-year-old Alexis McKay played with her father Frank while her mother Melody picked out dressed and outfits nearby.

“She always ends up with a bag full of clothes,” said Frank.

Since its inception in the fall of 2009, My Mommy Mart-the brainchild of Williamstown resident Molly Floding-has gained a lot of repeat customers. The McKays, of Waterford, are among them.

Though the spring sales typically are somewhat smaller than its annual fall counterpart, it continues to grow a little every year, said Floding, who owns and operates the biennial shopping event.

“It looks smaller compared to the fall. But spring to spring it’s grown,” she said.

Waterford mother Kelly Moore, 30, also counts herself among the repeat customers.

“I’ve had a lot of good finds. Last year I bought a stroller,” she said.

Strollers are just one of the many items offered by the more than 200 consignors.

In addition to tens of thousands of clothing items, there is a large section of books, some children’s furniture, and a very long row of toys that is quite popular with any youngsters in tow.

Cheri Bond, 37, of Mineral Wells, W.Va. watched her son Quinton, 6, eyeball some playful possibilities while she got her shopping under way.

“I usually shop for clothes for him, but I have two nieces and three nephews. I just look and see what there is for them, especially with Easter coming up,” she said.

Bond has worked at the event in the past, a volunteer position that comes with the perk of an early shopping pass. She also had a great experience as a consignor one year, she said.

“Really it was a lot less work (than a yard sale). I’m really bummed I didn’t get to do it this time,” she said.

The mart’s band of loyal followers have not kept the event to themselves. Several first-time shoppers heard about the event from friends.

That was the case with Cheryl and Rick Olcott, who came from Lubeck, W.Va. to shop for their nieces, nephews and grandson.

“I teach with a lady who has been here before,” noted Cheryl, 57. “She had shown us some pictures and said how much fun she had.”

The Olcotts said they were impressed with the quality and price of clothing and were stocking up for their grandson, who lives in Florida, said Rick, 57.

“We’re buying him 4s, 5s, and 6s,” he said.

Despite having been to previous My Mommy Mart events, Lowell resident Sarah Weekley, 30, was experiencing a first Friday night-shopping for a little girl.

Weekley, who has two sons, ages 2 and 8, is soon expecting a daughter.

“It’s convenient one stop shopping for everybody,” she said.

Giving families an affordable way to clothe their children is what the event is all about, said Floding. But she is also proud that My Mommy Mart makes an economical and charitable impact.

“I love that all these items won’t be going into a landfill. We’re able to recycle almost 30,000 items each sale, rather through people buying them or giving them to charity,” said Floding.

At the end of each sale, My Mommy Mart gives consignors the option of donating unsold items to a local charity, she noted.