4-H news

Fur and Feathers

The Fur and Feathers 4-H Club met Feb. 22 at the Warren Fire Department. Two guests were present. Roll call was taken by the number of years members have been in 4-H.

Elections were held. Lindsey Sandford, president; Baily Landerman, vice president; Alesha Groghan, secretary; George Groghan, treasurer; Caleb Smith, news reporter; Paige Mangum, scrap book/historian; Isaac Peck, recreation leader; Josh Sandford, health; Paul Mangum, safety; and Jacob Tidd, community service director.

QA meetings for Market Projects will be April 27 at Waterford and June 7 at Washington County Fairgrounds.

April 15 is the deadline for enrollment. Junior Fair guide books were distributed on March 13 will be officers training at WCCS.

Recreation was a pizza party.

Churchtown Busy Bunch

The Churchtown Busy Bunch 4-H club met on March 30. The American pledge was recited by Richard Canterbury and the 4-H pledge was recited by Danyel Billy. After that, there a guest speaker from EVE, Ashton Biehl with an Intervention Specialist talk to us about the importance of stopping bullying. We discussed what bullying was and how to prevent it. We also discussed cyberbullying, which is bullying through social media or texting. She then handed out a paper that had questions to self access yourself to see if what you are doing or about to do is bullying and how to stop and think about your decisions.

Brenner Schwendmen gave the health report titled “Pink Eye” and Ruslan Strahler gave the safety report titled “Bike Safety.” We then discussed important dates coming up including Camp Clean-up on April 12 and Quality Assurance on April 27 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Waterford Fairgrounds.

Maddie Treadway brought up the subject on a possible trip to the planetarium at Marietta College for our next meeting. Ruslan Strahler motioned for our meeting to be held at the planetarium and Brenner Schwendmen seconded the motion. So the motion was passed and the club will decide on a date in the near future as to when we will attend a trip to the planetarium.

After the official meeting Danyel and Annie Billy gave a demonstration titled “Measuring Ingredients”. They showed us the correct way to measure wet and dry ingredients and also the incorrect way to measure the ingredients. Also Joyce Kronberg, advisor, gave a very informative demonstration on the gaucho and what the wore and carried with him on his various ventures. Club members enjoyed refreshments and signed a thank you for the EVE representative for educating us on bullying. The next meeting is not decided yet. But advisors are trying to arrange a date for the club to attend the visit to the planetarium.

Salem Liberty

Homemakers and Lower Salem Boys

The Salem Libert Homemakers and the Lower Salem Boys 4-H club recently held a meeting at the Lower Salem United Methodist Church on April 8 at 7 p.m. The meeting was called to order by President Abbey Tornes. Elizabeth Brightbill did the pledge of allegiance and Luke Huffman did the 4-H pledge. Martha Fagan did roll call by favorite ice cream. Ben Tornes gave the treasurer’s report. The clubs discussed selling pop and water at the Lower Salem School carnival. Martha and Titus Fagan did demonstrations. The clubs also filled Easter eggs for the annual Community Easter Egg Hunt at the Lower Salem Elementary School. The meeting was adjourned by Owen Gage and Elizabeth Brightbill. The next meeting will be held on April 22 at 7 p.m. at the Lower Salem United Methodist Church.