Does Easter for you and your family begin and end on Easter Sunday?

Easter is my favorite time of year and there is so much to teach about Easter. Unfortunately a lot of children believe that Easter begins and ends on Easter Sunday.

Oh yes, I enjoy coloring eggs, and eating candy but parents, it is your responsibility to teach the real meaning of Easter. Children seem to hear more at Christmas time that baby Jesus was born and that’s the reason we celebrate Christmas. But where would we be without Christ going to the cross for us?

Personally I would be scared to death. By knowing that I am saved and because Christ suffered so badly for me, lets me know that I can be forgiven of my mistakes and also takes the fear out of death for me.

Easter begins with the last supper written in the book of Luke, then Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane in the book of Mark. From there the trial before the council and Jesus with Pilate found in all four gospels. The books of John, Mark and Matthew will teach you of the suffering and humiliation Jesus went through and finally Jesus’ Crucifixion. Christ is hung on the cross on Maundy Thursday, dies on Good Friday BUT is Resurrected on Easter Morning, and thats is NOT the end of the story. Forty days later he leaves his disciples and ascends into Heaven to be with his Father.

As your child grows there is so much to teach them about Easter, Please don’t make the mistake of only sharing stories of the Easter bunny. Easter can sure be fun but make sure it’s also truthful.

Myla Mitchem

Director of youth at Tunnel United Methodist Church.