Reds Clinic a unique chance to get lessons from the pros

Here’s another in a long list of things that make Marietta special and unique for small city in Southeast Ohio

The 21st annual Cincinnati Reds Legends Youth baseball Clinic will be held in Marietta from June 16 to 18. This camp is held every year thanks to the hard work and dedication of local resident Mike Wagner, a longtime Reds fan. That’s impressive.

The Reds do more than just loan their name to the clinic. They send bonafide former major leaguers, names that even casual Reds fans will recognize: Clay Carroll, Pokey Reese, Herm Winningham, Todd Benzinger, Eddie Milner, Reggie Sanders, Ron Oester, Leo Cardenas, Keith Brown and Stephen Larkin. That’s really im pressive.

And rest assured these Reds aren’t just putting the time to show up at the clinic. They run drills and really get in quality practice time with the kids attending the clinic. It’s a rare opportunity for Marietta area youngsters to learn baseball skills from men who know what it takes to play the game.

So, we urge everyone to consider attending the clinic. Valuable lessons will be taught from seasoned professionals. Just call Mike Wagner at 373-3476.