Barton is well qualified to be a commissioner

I am writing to lend my support to Jeremy Barton as he faces a primary election in his bid to become a member of the board of county commissioners. I have known Barton for three years and can attest to his honesty, commitment to fair governance, and business acumen. He is a lifelong resident of Washington County and is a self-employed, self-made man. His prior service in the navy as a Seabee serves him in good stead. He is fiscally responsible and has extensive experience in managing budgets both in the navy and in his civilian job as a barber and business owner.

County commissioners perform mainly executive functions as the principal arm of county government in a manner dating back to the colonial era, when the country was largely rural. The importance of the continuity of this system of government here in Washington county should be obvious. I believe that Barton represents all of the best aspects of grass-roots democracy and would be an asset to our local government. I am also confident that, given his background and motivation, he is a perfect fit for the board of county commissioners.

Though he is not well-funded or well-connected in his bid, he is precisely the type of candidate that our American experiment in self-government was designed to afford the opportunity to run for office. His motives in seeking office are honorable and I firmly believe that we should give him the chance to represent us and to lead.

Charles L. Levy, M.D.