Yolan Dennis is honest, capable, intelligent

Yolan (Dennis) grew up on her parents’ farm in Watertown, and is a graduate of Waterford High School. She is a registered nurse. Having grown up on the family farm, she learned the value of hard work, getting up early, staying late, and doing the right thing, while not always the easiest choice, is always the best choice. She presently works at the Family Medical Practice located at Barlow. She has been in the nursing field for more than 20 years. She took a break from nursing to raise their five children.

Dennis is honest, capable, intelligent, and a very caring lady. She would be a passionate public servant who would do the right thing, for our district, and base her decisions on firm convictions, moral principles, and a strong faith in God, our state and our country. She is a fiscal conservative, who believes in limited government. One of her primary concerns is the lack of job opportunities for the constituents of the district. Regulations are choking small business and preventing jobs being available. Dennis would listen to the voters. We need a representative who listens. It is not prevalent in government today, but would be a tremendous asset. She has long been concerned about the direction of our state and country and decided to become involved.

Dennis recognizes the people of this district have suffered from the power interest groups who have gained significant control in Washington and here in Ohio. The shuttered coal mines and power plants are not the fault of the jobless; the fault lies in wrong-headed policies and lack of leadership. She will be an advocate for the farmers, the small business owners, the skilled workers, and the energy producers in Ohio.

Dennis is very down to earth. She enjoys music and plays bass fiddle, while her husband plays banjo. They played in a bluegrass band for several years.

We need your vote! The primary is Tuesday, May 6.

Thank you!

Betty Richards