Start talking about drug dangers

State and local officials and educators gathered in Marietta this week to put forth a message to parents: talk to your children about drugs.

It may sound simple and that’s because it is.

But so many families never actually have that talk. Parents may assume their children know the dangers, or would never experiment because they’re “good kids.” But good kids can make mistakes, too, and even one mistake can sometimes be fatal when it comes to substance abuse.

It can be awkward to bring up the subject. Children and teens may roll their eyes and say that they already know. Adults in their lives may be the last people they want to talk to about it.

But the message being spread through the statewide “Start Talking!” campaign is to have the conversation anyway. Parents never really know when what they say sinks in to their children-often it’s not obvious. So, when it comes to life-or-death topics bring it up, and more than once.

Youth may not have accurate information on the dangers of prescription drugs and illegal drugs, even if they think they do.

It’s vital that they hear this early on from not only parents, but coaches, teachers and administrators when appropriate.

As an Ohio mother who spoke at the campaign’s local kickoff Tuesday at Marietta High School learned, a child who chooses to do drugs just once can be lost forever.

Let’s do what we can to prevent that in our community.