Athens vs. Marietta: Differences are huge

We in Athens County have witnessed the downfall of a county engineer and are witnessing the removal of a sheriff by a very slow process due to 25 filed criminal charges. They were both accomplished egotists who sort of forgot their obligation to serve as elected officials. The engineer garnered 17.3 percent of the Democratic primary vote in 2012, assuring his defeat since there was no general election contestant. The sheriff, after attempting to lobby each democrat central committee member in an important vote, was rebuked by 81.8 percent of its voting members recently.

The county is not in lockstep with surrounding counties due to the influence of Ohio University. We have now produced corrupt politicians, lawless self-important anti-fracking activists and drunken student fests. Athens City Council has reduced their proposed anti-fracking area to inside the city limits which only includes a few parcels eligible for drilling due to strict state regulations.

Congratulations to Marietta for being selected as the sixth best small city in the nation to visit. We’ll have to make some major changes to even get mentioned on that list.

Pearl M. Scott