MC community service students do a great job

Marietta College community service efforts never cease to amaze. For the second year, students working with (Marietta) Tree Commission members mulched the trees in Sacra Via Park. Maddi Royer led the team of Kiki Cunningham, Montana Green, Amy Kauffman, Jennifer Rohrig, Xin An, Ruzhen Man, Meredith Schuver, Lindsey Schrock, and Kali Hastings. The trees will benefit from their efforts. Shaylyn Allen and her team of Emily Mason, Brittany Truex, Misty Hussing, Lana Mocas, Hannah Steketee, Elle Sage, Karlee Bates, Amanda Barbee, Danie Brodie, Cassie Wint and Heather Eichner continued the tradition of placing wood chips on the trails at Kroger Wetland under the guidance of Cathy Schafer and Becky Wright. This insures that this natural area will be easier to walk for visitors and residents alike to enjoy the flowers and wildlife. Marietta benefits immeasurably from this strong culture of service.

Marilyn Ortt