Boy, 14, accused of sexual abuse

A teenage Vincent boy is facing charges of rape and gross sexual imposition for sexually assaulting a young household member on several occasions.

The 14-year-old boy was arrested Thursday after his eight-year-old adoptive sister reported to her mother that the boy had sexually abused her on multiple occasions in the recent past, according to a report from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Interviewed by Washington County Children Services caseworker Ginger Davey and Deputy Sheriff Spencer McPeek, the victim stated the boy molested her and at one point the reportedly forced her to perform oral sex on him, resulting in the rape charge.

According to the report, the suspect was defiant and unremorseful when questioned about the incidents.

“The suspect initially denied sexually assaulting his sister, but later stated he molested her,” said the report.

An attorney has filed a written denial of the charges on behalf of the defendant, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Amy Graham, who handles the juvenile caseload for the county prosecutor’s office.

The denial is the equivalent to pleading not guilty in an adult case, she said.

Juvenile crimes are typically charged the same way as adult crimes but carry a much different sentencing structure, explained Graham.

Rape is a first-degree felony and in juvenile court carries a minimum sentence of one, two, or three years. The maximum sentence is up to the defendant’s 21st birthday, said Graham.

“It’s up to the institution whether you get out in the minimum period or you get out at 21,” she explained.

The boy was also charged with eight counts of gross sexual imposition, which carry six month minimums.

Ultimately, the prosecutor can choose to add or drop charges, said Graham.

The sexual assault reportedly began around January, she said.

At this point, Graham plans on trying the defendant as a juvenile. However, she still has very few facts in the case, she added.

The boy is currently in custody, but is not being held at the Washington County Juvenile Center, said Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks.