Barton will inspire pride as a commissioner

Soon we will have a primary election for the Republican candidate for Washington County commissioner.

I would like the citizens of Washington County to support Jeremy Barton.

I have known Barton for a few years and have found him to be a man that is not afraid of responsibility or hard work. I evidence this by Barton being a single father who solely cares for his young daughter. I also feel that he has a very strong sense of financial responsibility that government needs.

Barton has demonstrated to me a strong sense of patriotism and commitment to smaller, more efficient government in the many conversations that we have had.

I do know that he served honorably in the U.S. military, and the morals instilled upon him by his service are evident in his personal and professional life.

I will close by asking that the voters of Washington County support Jeremy Barton in the May Republican primary. He will make a valuable addition to the county commissioners.

Jay Owens