Students present capstone research

Five Marietta College students recently presented their capstone research at the Association of Southeastern Biologists in Spartanburg, S.C.

Drs. Jennifer Hancock and Katy Lustofin joined the students – Breea Buckley ’14 (Reedsville), Andrew Fitzgerald ’14 (Zanesville), Michelle Kelley ’14 (Stow), Lexie Puterbaugh ’14 (Scott Depot, W.Va.) and MaLisa Spring ’14 (Zanesville).

The students presented:

Breea Buckley – The Relationship between Achilles Tendon Dimensions and Vertical Jumping in Humans.

Andrew Fitzgerald – A Comparison of the Width of the Achilles Tendon in Athletes and Non-athletes.

Michelle Kelley – The Relationship between Achilles Tendon Dimensions, Gait Transition Speed and Sprint Speed in Humans.

Lexie Puterbaugh – The Relationship between Achilles Tendon Dimension and Ankle Joint Range of Motion in Humans.

MaLisa Spring – Bee Diversity and Pollen Constancy in Washington County.