St. John Central honor roll

St. John Central Grade School students named to the honor roll for the third quarter:

Fourth grade, A’s and B’s: Kylie Campbell, Lillian Franchino.

Fifth grade, A’s and B’s: Paul Arnold, Nic Hart, Chris Huck, Jude Huffman, Wade Smith, Tristan Suprano, Tim Swisher, Talon Trout, Connor Tullius.

Sixth grade, all A’s: Maggie Huffman, Brooke Pottmeyer.

Sixth grade, A’s and B’s: Ethan Brooker, Christian Schwendeman.

Seventh grade, all A’s: Sydney Huffman, Bianca McDonald, Matthew Semon.

Seventh grade, A’s and B’s: Cole Schweikert, Maddie Wells.

Eighth grade, all A’s: Kenzie Dietz, Hannah Duff, Alli Kern, Madison Lang, Madison Roe.

Eighth grade, A’s and B’s: Kaelyn Day, Hayley Duff, Morgan Lang.