Beautifying Marietta

Those looking for ways to help spruce up Marietta with spring flowers can help Marietta Main Street hang flowers later this week.

Marietta Main Street Director Jean G. Farmer said the organization is looking for volunteers to come out and help hang hanging baskets.

“It’s Thursday morning at 7 o’clock,” she said. “We’re meeting in front of the Lafayette Hotel.”

Meeting so early is by design, said Sylvi Caporale, co-owner of American Flags & Poles and a volunteer with the project.

“(At that time) there’s the least amount of parking traffic and it allows us to get closer to the lamp posts,” she said.

There are 139 lamp posts in downtown Marietta that will be decked out with flower baskets, for a total of 278 baskets, said Caporale, adding that Harmar Village will see some baskets, too.

“I believe there are 27 poles in Harmar Village, so 54 baskets (will go there),” she said.

Caporale said hanging the baskets takes hard work and a delicate hand.

“You’re handling quite a bit of product, carefully,” she said.

Farmer said the flowers will be picked up Wednesday evening in preparation for Thursday morning. She said the flower hanging has grown a little from last year.

“We have additional flowers this year,” Farmer said. “We expanded to Greene Street. Since the CVB’s there, it’s like the entryway to our downtown.”

Peggy Douglas, caretaker at L.E. Huck & Sons Greenhouses, has been caring for the flowers since the beginning of March.

“The two weeks before we deliver them, I get really nervous,” she said. “I have to make sure it’s perfect.”

Douglas said it’s rewarding to see the flowers thriving downtown, after they’ve left her care.

“When they take them downtown, (the flowers are) popped and ready to go,” she said. “It’s a lot of work but I enjoy it. They really do a great job of taking care of them after we deliver them.”

The flowers will arrive just in time for Mother’s Day, Farmer said.

“It is a community service,” she said. “It’s really cool and (the flowers will) be out just in time for Mother’s Day and the Merchants and Artist Walk, of course.”

Farmer said she’s looking forward to having many people help on Thursday.

“Many hands make light work,” she said. “The more people that come, the quicker it will be…I’d say by 8:30 (a.m.), (volunteers) can get on with their day.”