Pastors sharing prayers

I was at an informal gathering of Mid Ohio Valley pastors recently, and want to share their prayers with others:

As Your children we ask You to teach us to walk in the favor of God toward all people.

As ministers of favor in this world, we ask for the desire and will to share Your message of unconditional love to all we meet.

We ask Your blessing on the leaders of this valley, these states, and this country. Withhold the judgment we deserve, and grant repentance unto life on a greater scale than we have ever seen before.

Lord, save governors, save mayors, save secular leaders.

Grant us an opportunity to lead quiet and peaceful lives in all godliness and reverence that Your Word will have free reign in our communities.

Lord God, You have called us to prayer, not to mere performance. Help us to be obedient unto Your call to make supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks for all men.

Bring Your whole church to repentance, not merely to gain heaven but to do Your will on earth in this time.

We repent before You now for putting our time and energy into too many things You never called us to do.

We repent for human ambition, carnal desires, and worldly pursuits.

Please renew within each of us the first love and the priority of life and ministry we should have.

Teach us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness.

Help us to be truly willing to pay the price needed to have a real spiritual awakening and renewal in the Mid Ohio Valley.

Help us to recommit everything in our lives afresh to You today in unreserved obedience.

Lord, for Your glory, breathe on the dry bones of our churches, our ministries, our lives, and all of the uncommitted believers throughout the Mid Ohio Valley. Cause us to be miserable in our lukewarm condition.

Help us not to fear when darker days come but to put our trust in You.

Teach us to unite and connect as a great army of righteousness in the earth.

Lord Jesus, our eyes are on You. You are our Captain. You are the resurrection and the life. Help us to focus on You and Your will.

Restore to each of us the contagious joy of Your salvation.

Give us a true passion for Your glory above everything else, including our own success and happiness.

Help us not to be so busy doing Your work that we miss Your purpose and Your presence in and among us. Holy Spirit, we welcome You.

Living God, we call on You now for renewal, restoration, and revival in the Mid Ohio Valley. Dear Jesus, let it begin with us.

Phillip A. Ross has pastored churches in Berkeley, Calif., St. Louis, Mo., Evansville, Ind.; Bellefonte, Pa.; and Marietta. Following his post-ordination conversion to biblical Christianity, he has labored for Gospel renewal through radio, music, counseling, and writing. An author of 20 books on biblical exposition, Phil resides in Marietta, with his wife, Stephanie.