Parkersburg South shirts please Christians

Parkersburg South T-shirts say Philippians 4:13 …

Yeah to the Parkersburg South High School wrestling team and their families. I love hearing about Christians that are not afraid of standing up for what’s right in this world. Gold bless you all. I’m so tired of people saying we can’t do or say this Christian act because we might get in trouble by the government. Do you think that when Christ died for all of us he was thinking, “maybe I shouldn’t do this, I might get in trouble with the government.” Apparently not because we know the end of that story. The T-shirts are great and hopefully you will encourage others to step out and let others know that they are Christians also. Thanks again for doing this. You have made me very happy, and I’m sure many other Christians happy. You will receive a reward in the end.

Myla Mitchem, youth director

Tunnel United Methodist Church