Downtown bus stop rebuild

By Amanda Nicholson

The Marietta Times

The Community Action Bus Line bus stop at the corner of Putnam and Second streets is set to be torn down and replaced with a better version.

The Noon Rotary Club is replacing the bus stop at a total cost of $40,000.

Past President Colleen Cook said contributions are still coming in.

“We have raised more than half of our goal,” she said. “We did raise enough money in the club to get a matching $10,000 from the Marietta Community Foundation.”

Construction is slated to begin by around June 1, Cook said, but added that it could start a little earlier.

President Kathy Schalitz said the proposed bus stop is going to be mostly glass and made of long-lasting materials.

“We got Pickering & Associates involved and they gave us the original (bus stop) design and we just took off with it,” she said. “I think we’re all in agreement on the bus stop: it needs a fresh look. We’re looking at sustainable materials, things that are low maintenance, things that we don’t need a lift to get a Rotarian up there to fix the shingles…It becomes very manageable then.”

The current bus stop is used by about 22,000 people each year and is quite small. Schalitz said the new stop will allow room for more people.

“It’s a little more open, it’ll have a seating capacity for more people, and we wanted it to be safe,” she said. “We wanted it to be something people wanted to come into.”

Cook said construction is estimated to take about two weeks.

“Even if it’s not completed (in two weeks), it will be usable within days of tearing down the old structure,” she said.

Schalitz said the hope is to have a demolition party with the club in the evening before beginning construction the following morning.

“Within a day or two there would be a structure under roof so that at least it may not be 100 percent complete but it would be safe and be able to at least keep rain or inclement weather off of anyone who still might be using the bus stop,” she said.