Fishing derby can teach kids a lesson

Seems tough these days for parents to drag their children away from video games and anything related to computers or the Internet.

But there’s a world of wonder outside that kids need to experience first-hand, not as a spectator in front of a iPad screen or computer monitor.

That’s what’s so refreshing about Sunday’s annual fishing derby held at Whipple through the hard work of the Washington County Fish and Game Club. The group’s annual event regularly draws hundreds as children and parents and any other interested friends or relatives get into the act on a spring Sunday afternoon.

It’s a fun way for moms and dads to teach youngsters about the basics of fishing – even touching those squirmy worms. It’s a way of bonding and for the adults to tell stories from their days as children fishing for a bass or catfish, or even catching an old boot here and there.

To be sure, Sunday’s event isn’t the only fishing derby in the area. However, it is the most recent example of learning how much fun and educational it can be to getting back to our roots.

Kids today probably would be surprised to learn how the pioneers relied on their hunting and fishing skills for food. It’s the kind of thing you don’t learn playing “Candy Crush,” or “Call of Duty.”

As adults, we’re just glad to see today’s younger generation enjoying the outdoors.