Many thanks to those who helped on Oak Grove project

The Oak Grove Recreation Center recently completed phase 3 of the outdoor master plan with the help of the Marietta Community Foundation and the Washington County Career Center Adult Technical Training Education Division.

In November 2011, the Washington County Career Center Adult Training Construction and Remodeling completed the construction of the 20′ x 60′ picnic shelter with all funds provided through fundraising efforts held at the Recreation Center. The shelter project would not have been completed without the help and support from instructors Allen Hall and Terry Sheppard, engineering services from Mike Johnson, concrete work by Fred Schultheis, and tables and benches construction by the Washington County Career Center Junior and Senior carpentry class.

We would also like to thank the following people and organizations for the help and support of funding and constructing the 4 bay swing set that was completed in April 2014, Dick Sams, Brian Pracht, Alan Bartlett, Spencer and Joe Crone, Tom Eddy and Rob Sole for installing the poles and border for the play area, Oak Grove Exployers 4-H Club for spreading the mulch, Tommy Burke for digging the holes for poles, Metaltech Steel for donating the pipe, and the Washington County Career Center Adult Welding class for welding the pipe. Additionally, this project would not have been possible without the generous funding from the Marietta Community Foundation, specifically the J. Francis and Lillion Strecker Smith Fund, Karl D. & Anna Schultheis Marsch Fund, Broughton-Sugden Fund, F. Buchanon, J.H.McCoy, H. Switzer & Mildren Fund, Betty Markell Hallock Memorial Fund, Ida P. Zimmer Memorial Fund, Barb & Jack Moberg Charitable Fund, Juhola Family Charitable Fund, Charles Hobbs Rhodes & Beulah Lee Rhodes Memorial Fund, Tony Popp Memorial Fund, Harold & Janet Cranston Charitable Fund, Norman J. Murray Family Charitable Fund, & Washington County Fund for Parks and Recreation.

Joe Crone, finance chairperson