Warren board hires football coach

VINCENT -After much anticipation, the Warren Local Schools Board of Education approved hiring a new varsity football coach to take over for four-year coach Andy Schob.

Anthony Fish, who hails from Alexander High School in Albany where he coached football, will start immediately.

The board, after adding his position on to the list of other coaching assignments for the new year, unanimously approved the hire.

“I am very excited about this hire, and I think he will do great,” said superintendent Kyle Newton.

Schob, who currently teaches social studies at Warren High School, is leaving the football program to pursue administrative work with the district down the road.

“We had about 20 applicants and we narrowed it down to a top three, and he ended up being the best,” said athletic director Debbie Proctor. “I think it’s a positive road that we’re going down.”

Fish, who works in law enforcement in Athens County, will not be hired on as a teacher, but instead will be paid a supplemental coaching salary of $6,464.

“He will start right away, and he has already been in contact with some of the kids,” Proctor said.

In addition to Fish’s hire, the board also approved 2014-2015 coaches for junior varsity and varsity soccer for both boys and girls; volleyball coaches for 7th, 8th and 9th grades in addition to junior varsity and varsity; a junior high co-ed cross country coach; and a varsity and junior varsity cheerleading coach.

After a few months of searching, the board also approved hiring Melissa Kemper to serve as school nurse.

“I’m very excited about this hire, and she will be fantastic,” Newton said. “She’s already given us her input on things we can do.”

Kemper’s final salary will be determined once her degree and experience have been verified.

Several resignations and retirements were also approved that will take effect at the end of the school year.

Among them were resignations from agricultural teacher Krista Hellwig, Little Hocking music teacher Melinda Morgan, Barlow-Vincent teacher Carla Brooks and Little Hocking kindergarten teacher Bretta Hansen.

“None of these this year are anything unusual, but just teachers who have found jobs in other school districts,” Newton said.

Those, included with three teacher retirements and two staff retirements, will leave room for vacancies that the board said will not be eliminated as positions.

5-year forecast

In addition to personnel changes, the board also approved the district’s five-year forecast, which treasurer Melcie Wells said is “more positive” than it has been recently.

“We’ve made great strides, one with the renewal levy, because it was a great vote of confidence for our community, and the other reason is related to taxes,” Wells said.

After a decline in property tax allocation from 2011, Wells projects that the valuation of homes will increase revenue into 2015, potentially reaching about $1,454,726.

Spending, with items like employee benefits, will continue to rise and affect spending, Wells said.

“We’re still in the negative for spending next year,” she said. “But benefits are benefits, and they keep increasing.”

Insurance benefits spending is projected to steadily increase from $4,950,334 in fiscal year 2014 to $7,456,005 by 2018.