Hopes are high during graduation season

This season of graduations is a time to celebrate the success of one chapter of life, and as the ceremony is known, to commence and move forward.

The three graduation ceremonies and five health sciences pinning and graduation programs at Washington State Community College created an atmosphere of excitement for celebration and for commencing with the adventure of a new future. The 300-plus students at WSCC who celebrated their success are moving forward to new jobs, improved employment, or on to a four year college for pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

As I suggested at each ceremony these students should go forth and do the work they enjoy … live the life they love … inspire others … and walk with pride as they continue on their journey. And believe me, in witnessing the welling emotion of many of these students as the reality of what they have accomplished registered, they are walking with pride.

We at WSCC are proud of these students as should be this community.

The vast majority of these students are from Marietta, Washington and Morgan counties, and our data tells us that 85 percent will remain in the Mid-0hio Valley to work in the fields of their choice, contribute to the community, continue their education, and raise families.

WSCC serves a tremendous educational need for this region, and these graduates are a lasting legacy that directly benefits our economy and improves the quality of life.

This is a great season for celebration, and combined with the beautiful spring weather the energy is uplifting.

With this we should all feel a great sense of success and hope for the future.

Bradley J. Ebersole, Ph.D.

President, Washington State Community College