Summer: Time for fun and being safe

At the risk of sounding like a nag, we would like to remind everyone to enjoy the summer ahead, but PLEASE, be careful.

Stay hydrated when working outside, especially when the mercury rises above 80 degrees and there’s a blazing hot sun.

Steer clear of bees and wasps, especially if you’re allergic to their stingers.

Remember drinking and boating is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. And while we’re at it, wearing a life jacket is a key safety step for all boaters, young and old.

Be careful around lawn mower blades and be sure any young children stay way, way far away.

If you decide to paint the house, make sure your feel comfortable 20 feet off the ground. If you don’t feel safe, have a professional take care of the job. There’s no shame in admitting you have issues.

There are plenty of summer safety tips we could list, but we’re sure you get the idea already.

Be safe. Stay safe. Take the extra time it might take to clear branches from your lawn before you mow.

It’s tempting to skip over any summertime safety checklist. It’s a busy time. But don’t skip it. You need to make safety a habit.

Safety first, should be more than a slogan. It should be a way of life for all of us.

So, go ahead and have fun this summer. And be safe.

Normal, day-to-day living in and around Marietta resumes in mid-September right after the sternwheel festival.