B-W honors the many who served

Words of memorial were offered at Fort Frye High School Monday, as well as cemeteries and even on a bridge to pay tribute to fallen soldiers.

Katie Tucker, first vice commander of American Legion Post 389 in Beverly, said honoring soldiers buried nationally and locally is important.

“It’s because of our fallen heroes that we’re able to stand in this cemetery today and have ceremonies like these,” she said.

Beverly’s ceremonies started at Fort Frye High School before meandering to Beverly Cemetery. After a short service there, where children put flowers on some of the graves, the parade marched to the Beverly-Waterford Bridge where a wreath was tossed into the river to remember Navy members who have died at sea. The ceremony concluded at Waterford Cemetery.

Tucker brought up the importance of Memorial Day throughout history, from the Civil War when the deceased were buried in family graveyards, to today when they are buried nationally or in larger cemeteries.

“It offers an ability to memorialize and keep their memory alive,” she said.

Jane Eakle, of Whipple, said that honoring those who have served in the line of duty is important.

“I do think it is important to pay respects,” she said. “Our country wouldn’t be where it is without our veterans.”

Lowell resident Kim Poole said she is thankful for those who have sacrificed.

“I admire the people who can make the choice to serve our country and make the sacrifice for our freedom,” said Poole.

Melody Tucker, 57, of Beverly, said that she attends the parade every year with her husband, and now her grandson.

“We walk every year on Memorial Day,” she said. “We always take in the parade. We’ve done it for umpteen years. My son served in Iraq, and did seven years in the Army Reserve.”

She said remembering is important in times of war and peace.

“I just think it’s important they remember,” she said. “There’s still a war going on. I think it’s important to remember everything (soldiers) do, not just (in times of) war.”

Dusty DeLancey, 32, of Beverly, attends the parade regularly, and said that both of her grandparents served in the Army.

“(Memorial Day) is very important to me,” she said. “We can sleep in peace at night because of the sacrifices (veterans) made for us. And I pass that onto my son as well. We need to make sure we carry it on with (the younger generations).”

Tucker felt appreciative of those who went to the ceremony at Beverly Cemetery.

“God bless you all, God bless our troops and God bless America,” she said.