Snyder due back home today

The W.P. Snyder is scheduled to be moved back to the Ohio River Museum today, according to the Ohio History Connection. The vessel is expected to move up from Vienna, W.Va. to the Muskingum River by 10 a.m. and on to the museum by noon.

The Snyder underwent a seven-month round of repairs, costing nearly $1 million, at a dry dock in Henderson, W.Va. The work, completed by Amherst Madison through a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation, included work on the decks, new paint, a new electrical system and a new paddle wheel, the bottom of which would frequently rot off from lack of turning.

The boat was supposed to return to its permanent spot at the Ohio River Museum on May 8, but elevated river levels creating a lack of clearance under the Putnam Bridge kept the boat docked by the Lafayette Hotel.

For safety reasons the boat was later moved from its mooring near the Lafayette Hotel down to Neale Marine in Vienna, W.Va.