VA mess indicates an overall need for change

I am so tired of seeing the incompetence of government on full display and the parties and media quick to blame another party instead of the real culprit. What is that culprit you ask? The answer is simply government.

We have decades of proof that government is largely ineffectual in much of what it does. There are the decades of the Postal Service running in the red, or how about the massive failures at all levels that led to 9/11. We have all heard about the $1000 hammers that the military has been saddled with. We can look to the millions that are missing in Iraq. We can also look to a failed website that cost way too much to produce and that did not work. These are but a few glaring examples of the incompetency and waste that accompanies big government.

Armed with this information, is it really surprising that the VA is a mess? Yes, we knew that the VA had glaring problems before Obama took office. The Bush administration addressed these problems during the transition. The problem was nothing was done. Instead, we the people were led around by the nose by the Obama administration. The VA was touted as proof that government controlled health care works like a well-oiled machine. Can that assertion be anything more than a lie?

Our vets deserve better and we the people deserve better. It is time for Americans to rise up with one voice and say enough is enough. We need serious hope and change in this country, not lip service. Come election time, I hope that people will make informed decisions and quit voting for more of the same.

Jay Owens