Marietta’s garden tradition will continue

The Charlie Schob Discovery Garden has been greeting visitors to Marietta with colorful flowers since 1992. Uniquely, shrubs at the garden spell out the city’s name.

Over the years it’s grown into a landmark for the city, thanks to the tireless work of Marietta’s Charlie Schob and Marietta Morning Rotary Club members. Schob is a charter member of the Rotary Club and has been instrumental in making the garden what it is today.

Sadly, the current garden will be taken out this summer. But we’re glad there will be a new garden a short distance away, a move being done to accommodate the Seventh, Pike and Greene streets intersection improvement project. The garden is important to many local residents, who take pride in the city’s appearance and how visitors view us.

The new garden will be redesigned through the Ohio Department of transportation, which is overseeing the $3.1 million intersection upgrade project.

Care and maintenance of the garden is a big job, but it is one of the things that makes our city unique.

Given the track record of the Rotary Club we have no doubt the new garden will be top notch, honoring the countless hours dedicated by Schob and Rotary members in the 22 years devoted to cultivating current garden spot into a community project. For example, Marietta College provides the water necessary for the plants and for mowing around the garden. That’s community spirit.

So, while we’ll be sad for the loss of the current garden probably in August, we look ahead with great anticipation to see what landscape engineers and devoted volunteers come up with for the new Marietta marquee at the remodeled intersection.