Satisfying taste buds on 339

VINCENT-If not for some flags waving in the breeze, one could nearly miss an eatery with a flair for the homemade that lies nestled along Ohio 339, back from the road in what used to be a home.

The Brew House opened its doors in August of last year, giving those entering the smell of baking pizza and freshly ground coffee beans. Though the winter was tough on business, its doors have seen many customers come in since warmer weather has arrived.

Those walking through the doors are greeted with a sitting area perfect for enjoying a bite to eat or waiting to pick up fresh-baked favorites like the pizza or stuffed sandwiches.

Barlow resident Andrew Morse, 20, said he’s been going to the Brew House since it opened.

“(It’s got) the small town atmosphere,” he said. “The quality of the food, the taste of the food…is good. (I like to) support local business.”

He said he’s been to the restaurant “probably too frequently,” adding he’s been there three times in the last 10 days.

“They just started doing pizzas…I normally get the pizza, but before I got the Italian Roll,” Morse said.

The Italian Roll is like a classic Italian sub, with salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, banana peppers and Italian dressing, but stuffed into a sandwich bread, almost like a pita.

Owner Dawn Azar decided to open the restaurant nearly a year ago, even though her background is not in the food industry.

“It’s funny; my background is medical,” she said. “I was the program director at Camden Clark’s radiology school and had 11 years in pharmaceutical sales with four different big companies. I (later) had a contract at Dupont where I did all their catering. After that, I wanted my own place and the challenge to do something from the ground up. It’s been quite a fun experience for sure.”

One of Azar’s daughters, Amanda Barth, said the restaurant used to be Azar’s home.

“Just a couple years ago, we were having Christmas dinner here and now it’s a commercial property,” said Barth.

Azar’s other daughter, Erika Canterbury, has been working to help Azar with the business aspect, as well as making pizzas.

“We laugh about (working together), but also we’re pretty much opposites with what we’re good at and like to do,” Canterbury said. “I got married about a week-and-a-half after we opened so we probably had some times we were about to drive each other crazy…I think (working together) has shown how good and how close of a family we are…It’s brought us all a lot closer together.”

Peggy Huck, 54, of Vincent, has also been going to the Brew House since it opened.

“I knew that it was new and thought, ‘I need to check this out,'” she said. “I was ready for something new in the area.”

Huck actually went to high school with Azar and said it was a pleasant surprise finding out the business was hers.

“I love this place,” she said. “Everything is so fresh. (Azar) doesn’t do anything that isn’t top of the line.”

Azar’s sister, Tracy Jones, said Azar has molded the eatery’s menu after what customers want.

“One thing I like is she didn’t have a lot of stock (when she opened),” Jones said. “She wanted to see what the customers wanted. I really like that she will adapt to what the customers want.”

As well as walk-ins, the restaurant has a drive-thru for convenience, and Azar said the Brew House will also do catering events and deliver some lunches from time to time.

Vincent resident Andrew Vesel, 63, said he had also been there the first week the restaurant opened.

“I just saw a sign that they were opening and I wanted to see it,” he said. “It was so much fun I kept coming back.”

Vesel said his favorite part of the Brew House is not only the food, but the environment.

“It’s a real friendly place to come to,” he said. “They always remember me and other customers.”

That personal touch is something customer and Belpre resident Terry Gunter said is needed.

“One of the things that makes people go back is Dawn gets to know her customers,” Gunter said. “She remembers my name, she remembers the things you order. She gives it a personal touch and is interested in serving her customers and making them happy and there’s just not enough of that anymore.”

Gunter said that Azar will measure out an iced coffee for her and make sure it has less caffeine.

“I can still enjoy my coffee drink (without so much caffeine),” she said. “That’s the kind of tender loving care she gives customers.”

The Brew House also offers a wide variety of wines and craft beers.

While customers are raving about the food, Azar said the experience has been great.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the product we’re making and how we’ve been received by the community,” she said.