Dear ol’ dad: Sometimes father knows best … but not always

Sunday marks 104 years since Father’s Day was first celebrated in this country-a day to honor those patriarchs to whom we often look for words of wisdom.

But many children can also recall those awkward moments when fathers may become a source of embarrassment to their offspring.

Maybe Dad dressed funny-spending his summer days out on the front lawn in bright-colored baggy shorts, socks pulled up to his knees out of a pair of black canvas tennis shoes. Or maybe he had a bad habit of hanging around when you wanted to be alone with your friends.

In the spirit of Father’s Day we talked to some local folks about the best piece of advice received from their fathers and father figures. But they were also asked to share some of those embarrassing and humorous times everyone encounters at some time.

Best piece of advice: “The best way to stop worrying is to keep busy.”-Aaron Saxton, 27, of Summerfield, quoting his father-in-law, Dave “Pop” Spiers, 62.

Best piece of advice: “My father’s life is the best piece of advice I ever received. The way he conducted his life has been an inspiration to me. When you’ve worked so close for 40 years you hope to pick up some of his values and pass those values on to the next generation.”-Jeff Starner, 61, of Marietta, about his father, Jim Starner, 88, who operates Merchants 5 Star Trucking.

Best piece of advice: “Don’t try to live up to other people’s standards, but set your own based on the standards found in the Bible.”

How he embarrasses me: “He has these ugly fake teeth he sometimes puts in his mouth and teases us at home. They really look awful.”-Melody Williams, 14, of Boaz, W.Va., of her dad, Bob Williams, 51.

Best piece of advice: “To believe in myself, and by doing that and working hard I could do anything. I try to instill that in my own kids, too.”

How he embarrasses me: “He gets lost in parking lots. When I was young we took a trip to Disney World where he kept getting lost in the parking lot. We called him ‘the parking lot loser.'”-Melissa Doan, 37, of Marietta, about her father Larry Sudnik, 63, of Cutler.

Best piece of advice: “Don’t get old. It sounds funny, but if you stay young at heart you’ll feel young every day, no matter how old you are.”-Casey Shive, 24, of Pennsboro, W.Va., about his grandfather, Harold Shive, 85.