Man wants to save Muskingum Park statue

Well, duh!! referring to front page article June 3 about the Pioneers’ Statue becoming a sand pile.

The little gazebo on Ohio street seems much more important.

Three years ago, a couple friends and I wanted to stop the demise of this National Treasure. We spoke to the mayor of Marietta about raising money to put a cover over the statue. We agreed to start the kitty with $15,000 from us. The mayor said he would find some drawings of covers done in the past that might be suitable. We discussed a fund -raising plan in the park. Also, at that time we learned of the objection of a neighbor (not neighbors) that didn’t want the view blocked of the weeds on the river bank.

Obviously, the project died just like the statue. Last we heard, getting a grant was the way to go. Perhaps if it (the statue) were named after a local company, like a bank, maybe, then a large donation would be forthcoming. By the way, when passengers off the “Queen” toured our town last year, there was no stopping or visiting Gutzon Borglum’s Monument to our forefathers.

Dave Ackerman